The internet has become an integral part of this era. Many people share their confidential information out on the web through social networking sites. The internet has touched every aspect of life right from the beginning to the present. As people are sharing their personal information online, the percentage of the accounts getting hacked by cyber criminals or in other words ‘black hat hackers’ is increasing rapidly.

Cyber threats can be caused due to negligence and vulnerabilities, or unintentional accidents. Nevertheless, they can also be planned or intentional, like hacking or access by unauthorized users. With the growing use of the internet by people, protecting sensitive information has become something which must be taken into consideration quite seriously.

As the number of data networks, digital applications, as well as internet and mobile users is growing, so do the chances of cyber exploitation and cybercrimes. Even a small mistake in securing data or bad social networking can prove to be extremely dangerous. If accounts are not properly secured, it makes easier for hackers to spread a virus or social engineered attacks that are designed to steal data and even money.

The main motive behind this blog is to create a sense of awareness in normal people about the causes of cyber/ network hacking and provide them ample knowledge to secure themselves from being hacked.